How not to get ready for Nano

I officially signed up for Nanowrimo. My user name is gingerpeaches.

About that- I had this great plan to finish some in progress stories before November, but I’m just not getting it done. I’m totally uninspired for them and instead have come up with six or seven novel ideas. I have actually settled on on working title: Time in Jelly Jars and it’s built for speed and expandability with a framing narrative and six (yes 6) tales within the tale.

Also it’s a children’s story so that I can share it with my kids (my daughter is excited about my concept, so I’m sort of writing for her and my son).

And it’s science fiction- time travel, so there’s the fun for me.

I made a cool self portrait to use as my author’s picture from here.

What I really need to do is write my old stuff and get it done. Will now start- really I will. Right now.

Nano Icon Self Portrait


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