New Year- New Organization

1- The long December over, I’m planning to start writing in this a little more often. I have rearranged my online stuff, separating the personal stuff from the fiction. I also have a tiny thing I’m doing for one of the drive-by characters (The Groc of the Peat) in my serial Spirals that I’m going to start posting this month. This I find far too amusing.

2- Finally finished my Christmas/Epiphany story (that has taken like two years). Also wrote a New Years Short and shared it to mixed reviews with my family on the holiday. Eh- my daughter loved it, so I’m happy.

3- Currently working on getting far enough ahead in Spirals to start editing my 2006 Nanowrimo- Burgess Gulch (I have to rewrite about half of it), and spend some time with my father’s semi-historical work about the history of our family, which I have to spend some serious time digging into so I can give him real feedback.


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