On Books and the Antihero: Dexter, Profit and Lady MacBeth

What I’ve been reading lately-

So, I have this enormous family and am lucky enough that there really isn’t much I need or want, except books and media and such (the occasional cooking implement makes the list, too). Which means that Christmas usually brings a few bookstore gift cards or the like- so I can go on a little shopping spree.

This year I bought the first two books in Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series- such good stuff. Goes down smooth and dark and quick as lightening. I read both books (about 300 pages each) in three days. Lindsey writes like he’s just there talking to you, telling you about that thing that happened to a friend of his the other day and all, but then it whips around and he ties it all up in a neat black bow of irony and sweet death. Anyone with a liking for the antihero will enjoy.

Got me to thinking about my own liking for the antihero and attempting to trace it back to some origin- some piece that brought me around from the linear thinking of hero to the circular thinking of the big bad guys. Loved Patricia Highsmith’s “Talented Mr. Ripley” back in college. Also fell hard for John Gardner’s “Grendle” shortly after I got married. Each of these stories and their twisted perspectives made me giddy and I reread them again and again. But, I realized that my big conversion moment came with a short-lived Fox network series called “Profit”. Adrian Pasdar, who is now ironically on the show “Heros” played the antihero, a man named Profit who was a sociopath and used any and all means to get ahead in business. SO good. I recently found out it came out on DVD in 2005. Now must try and run down a copy.

Also liked MacBeth, but he isn’t so much the antihero- that would really be Lady MacBeth. She needs her own treatment. Or does it exist already? Maybe I will write it.


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