Spain Calling (or my blog eats itself)

So, on a scale of 1 to weird, I call this a search-engines-are-fraked-up. I’ve written before of how I am so vain that I go ahead and google search terms that come up in my blog stats, right? I’ve been amazed at how, despite the fact that I have very few hits on this blog (less than ten a day on average) and almost no comments (<– see the blatant request for someone to post a little hello), I am on the first page for certain searches- like how my review of ‘No Matter How Much You Promise to Cook or Pay the Rent You Blew It Cauze Bill Bailey Ain’t Never Coming Home Again’ by Edgardo Vega Yunque’ or how I gets hits on the bit I wrote On Being Not So Much Hispanic.

So, the search term “famous New Jerseyans Hispanics” showed up on the blog stats today. . . .

–> I am lucky number 8 on that page. <–

Again, how is it that I am on a search page about famous anyones, let alone Hispanics? And, in the coolest irony of all- the link on that page is to the post about how not Hispanic I am, but seem to be more and more mistaken for one.

Ooo- Also, the Spanish speaking Jehovah’s Witnesses came by on Saturday. First time on that, too. They wouldn’t try and teach me about God, though. They only had materials in Spanish and the little Spanish I have retained from high school might be enough to get me help, food or a toilet in a Spanish speaking country, but not enough to give me salvation (I guess).

Kind of wondering if it’s all some kind of sign. Maybe I should take up Spanish again (in copious amounts of free time).


2 thoughts on “Spain Calling (or my blog eats itself)

  1. erinstraza says:

    Love this post! Made me giggle. Funny how technology processes our posts and makes random facts about us based on terminology taken out of context. I’m honored to comment on a famous person’s blog!

  2. Ginny says:

    Thanks, Erin. Kind of you to indulge my little plea for comments.

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