Wine Log: Lushness

Been writing- really I have, just not stuff I’m a gonna share here- too personal/incriminating or something. Instead here, have a wine log I’ve begun: Lushness. It’s mostly for my own entertainment because I don’t know wines, but I know what I like or something along those lines. Why yes, I did have a glass today, why do you ask?


2 thoughts on “Wine Log: Lushness

  1. Matt says:

    We’ve recently been introduced to a type white wine called a reisling. It’s a very sweet wine, and found it goes well with dinner, just sitting on the couch, or surfing the ‘net.

  2. Ginny says:

    Hi Matt. I tend to like reislings, too.

    We had some very good sweet whites reisling and dessert wines when we were on vacation in Virginia from Shanandoah Vineyards We end up picking some of their wines up whenever we got down that way (the kids kind of love this one resort in the mountains- we’ve been there like six times).

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