On the Arts

So lately I’ve been thinking about the Arts. You know, drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, photography, dance, music, theater, film, poetry, fiction: all those creative things that we all used to do or wished we could do when we were children, but don’t always remember to pursue as we become adults with adult responsibilities and less and less time that feels like it is ours to use as we wish.

I’ve come to realize that the times in my life when I have been the most artistic are the times in my life when I have been the most happy. And, those times in my life when I have let art and creativity fall away under the pressure of adult responsibilities have been the times when my come and go depression has come and stayed a while, sometimes a long while.

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Help a girl out?

So, as a writer, I find that having goals helps me to actually sit down and write. A long term plan (like I have for my fiction blog- a post every Friday, rain or shine) will help me push through the moments of writer’s block, even if I’m finishing the week’s post on Friday morning (or afternoon) and a good daily goal like the one required by Nanowrimo will really make me get going. With that in mind, I signed up for AugNoWriMo. I have promised myself that I will write at least 25,000 words of fiction or non-fiction prose during the month of August.

This goal requires me to write about 800 words a day (806.5-ish really), but I can count all kinds of writing, including blog posts, this one included (I have 140 words so far!). I will also be using my work on my serials, some flash fictions for some challenges and a book review or two to get to my goal.

I’ll be posting my word count total at about 10 p.m. each day. I’d like to ask anyone who is following my writing to give me a poke anytime it seems like I haven’t been writing. Hopefully, I’ll avoid being poked at all.



So, Okay, I finished NANOWRIMO!

Yes, I did. I finished my NANOWRIMO Novel! It is the last day, and I’m almost completely certain that the last 8,000 to 10,000 words will end up on the cutting room floor (or as other stories) but I did it. Yea me!

Now, I have to try and get finished with The Hidden Properties of Fruitcake along with my dear son’s birthday party and the whole of the silly season which is fast approaching.

I do find now that I’ve managed to get my writing speed up to as much as 5,000 words a day or so, I don’t find the 2,000 word pieces that I try to make each story section to be really that daunting. Of course, the non-Nanowrimo stories are meant to be readable by people other than myself, which does slow them down some.

Well, off to start taking care of some of life’s chores that I’ve been ignoring for the entire month of November.

Drawings Made to Inspire My Nanowrimo Novel

A couple of us who are planning to do Nanowrimo got together on Saturday and did some planning and plotting. I made some sketches to help visualize some story bits while making notes. The second page was made by my dear daughter, which is so cool since she just jumped into the discussion and drew the most important McGuffin in the story for me. And we just got a new printer/scaner/copier to play with.

artifacts and containers


How not to get ready for Nano

I officially signed up for Nanowrimo. My user name is gingerpeaches.

About that- I had this great plan to finish some in progress stories before November, but I’m just not getting it done. I’m totally uninspired for them and instead have come up with six or seven novel ideas. I have actually settled on on working title: Time in Jelly Jars and it’s built for speed and expandability with a framing narrative and six (yes 6) tales within the tale.

Also it’s a children’s story so that I can share it with my kids (my daughter is excited about my concept, so I’m sort of writing for her and my son).

And it’s science fiction- time travel, so there’s the fun for me.

I made a cool self portrait to use as my author’s picture from here.

What I really need to do is write my old stuff and get it done. Will now start- really I will. Right now.

Nano Icon Self Portrait

And here’s where I’ll write a bit about trying to get my creative process going, as well as Nano.

September 26th, 2007

For the second year, I and at least one other person I know (along with thousands of others) are going to try and write a novel in a month. My novel last year was fun and interesting for me, but as of now stands in a shambles with about half of it in need of a total rewrite. It is dead to me.

Also, I’m determined to finish up certain unfinished stories before the end of October so that I can start Nano and ignore the old stuff. This will require me to kick the block I’ve had for the last month. I will kick it hard and repeatedly. I will. See my determined face?

# of Words I should write today: 1,000 (better get cracking)