On Reaching My Halfway Mark

Today, I turn 45, thoroughly middle-aged, cresting the hill of my life, and- assuming I live to the ripe old age of 90 that I’m hoping for- my halfway mark.

Some things I’ve done in the first half that I am grateful for …

* Found the love of my life and married him.
* Had a smart, talented, and beautiful daughter.
* Had a smart, talented, and beautiful son.
* Spent eight years marching color guard with several different groups, allowing me to grow as a performer and as a person.
* Been to Paris twice.
* Been to East Germany when it was still East Germany.
* Been a daughter, sister, cousin, godmother, and auntie.
* Seen the mighty Mississippi River, the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls,  the Louvre, Mozart’s childhood home, Amsterdam’s canals, Anne Frank’s hiding place, the church of my ancestors in Northern France, a walled city in Austria dating from medieval times, and Dachau.
* Made many wonderful friends along the way.
* Tried not to make any enemies.
*Taught color guard to young performers, spreading the love of the art to others.
* Volunteered.
* Learned to be an artist: wrote, played, drew, danced, sculpted, sewed, cooked, baked, sang, composed music, painted, designed, choreographed, spun, and marched.
* Became a vegan.
* Learned first aid.
* Kissed boo boos.
* Learned to read music.
* Sung lullabies.
* Hiked, swam, camped and cooked-out.
* Learned to read Latin and Spanish and French, even though I have never managed fluency in any of them.
* Read as if words were oxygen.
* Been mostly healthy, most of the time.
* Held loved ones while they cried.
* Laughed with loved ones while they rejoiced.
* Seen dances, and concerts, and contests, and games, and theater, and film, and marching shows, and exhibits of so many kinds.
* Reaped what I sowed.
* Gazed at the stars.
* Basked in the sun.
* Played in the snow.
* Walked in the rain.
* Dreamed big and small.

Some things I still hope to do in the second half…
* Keep loving.
* Keep hoping.
* Keep asking.
* Keep helping.
* Keep traveling.
* Keep learning.
* Keep healthy.
* Keep teaching.
* Keep searching.
* Keep volunteering.
* Keep creating.
* Keep wondering.
* Keep dreaming big and small.


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